3 awesome benefits of making your own birthday cards

Imagine receiving a colorful little envelope inside your mailbox? Unlike emails, getting a personalized birthday card delivered to your mailbox is a deeply personal experience, which makes it all the more welcome to the person that gets it. If you’ve always wanted to know how making your own birthday card helps, here are top three benefits of making your own birthday cards.

Nurtures Creativity
Most people argue creativity is an innate talent. That’s not true at all. As Picasso once said, we’re all artists, the problem is it’s difficult to maintain that motivation as you grow older. Making your own birthday cards can bring out and nourish the artist in you. You have to nurture it, and the best way to get started is by making your birthday cards yourself. You can learn to draw on top of your birthday cards, make origami appliques, or make cut-out details, paint, add stickers, and play with mixed media and much more. Creativity has no boundaries, especially when it comes to birthday cards.

Saves Money
It’s easy to pop into a store and buy a birthday card. Although this is easy, it’s not really personal. These are based out of templates that are produced in the thousands.
Plus, they can be expensive, money that you can put to use on other things. Learning to make your very own birthday cards teaches you to be resourceful. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to spent it. By learning to make your own birthday cards, you learn to be a lot more resourceful in other aspects of life as well. You can even start your own birthday card business if you feel you’re good enough. That’s an alternative method to making money. There’s definitely a career path there for yourself if you feel that you can take it to a professional level.

Adds A Personal Touch
Here’s another fact with store-made birthday cards: they’re store-made or manufactured. But by making your own birthday card and sending it to your friends on their birthdays, you deliver a positive and personal message. That personal feeling touches people’s hearts and they appreciate your gift even more, especially since they know and understand that you’re putting that much effort into their special day. That’s a feeling that money can’t buy, especially not with mass produced birthday cards.
It’s pretty easy to buy a card from the store and send your friends and family a present through that. But that’s not something that’s very memorable or efficient. By learning to make birthday cards, you learn a skill that you can use for the rest of your life, save a lot of money, and make a lot of memories doing it.

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