5 tips to enhance the look of your bedroom with the best bedspreads

The look of your bedroom is determined by how you arrange your bed. Since the bed in your bedroom takes up most of the space, designing your bedroom revolves around your bed. It is the focal point of the room. And Chenille bedspreads add beauty to the bedroom. Choosing the perfect match for your interiors can be challenging. But if you know the trick, picking up the right one is very easy.

Thread Count:

Usually, people prefer cotton bedspreads because they are durable and soft. Cotton spreadsheets are specified in thread counts. The more the thread count the more durable it will be. You need to buy a bedspread that you feel comfortable to sleep on. A normal bedspread will have 300 thread counts but for extra softness, you can buy a bedspread of 500 counts. Bedspread with higher thread count will be expensive and also durable. Chenille bedspreads are very popular for their handicraft work that adds beauty to your bedroom.


White color definitely adds look to your bedroom. But white can be quite boring after a while. So bedspread with texture enhances the look of your bedroom. And one more advantage of using a bedspread with texture is that it will not show any wrinkles. Chenille bedspreads add a welcoming and traditional look to your bedroom because of their designs. The designs are mostly peacock, floral and flower baskets.


Bedspreads without any design will look very boring. The bedspreads must be in contrast with your bedroom décor to enhance the look. If you are decorating the kid’s rooms, use the sheets with eye-catching colors and patterns.

Correct fitting:

And finally, before picking the bedspread, look for the right size. The sheets must cover your mattress completely. If it is too small it will not fit properly. If the sheet is too large the excess material will keep hanging from the bed.


Finish your decoration by buying a matching comforter and throw a pillow set to give a complete look to your bedroom.

A bedroom, with the help of chenille bedspreads, that looks calm is always an invitation for a peaceful night of sleep.

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