Possible treatment for COPD

COPD, a disease of the lungs, is a deadly disease that does not have a particular set of treatment. The cure for this disease has not been found yet. Life expectancy with COPD is subjective and changes according to the stage of the disease. The higher the stage of the disease, the shorter is the life expectancy of the patient suffering from COPD. Even if this condition cannot be treated, the patient can work towards increasing the life expectancy.

Let us look at some treatment measures that can help increase the life expectancy with COPD.

  • Set goals. COPD is one of the deadliest diseases and only the sufferer can tell the amount of pain they must go through. But it is up to the patient to the patient to set some goals for themselves and achieve them, in order to increase their life expectancy.
    Firstly, let’s look at some goals the patient will have to achieve:
  • Keep yourself away from air pollution and quit smoking, if you are a smoker.
  • Make sure to take the medications for limiting your symptoms, such as shortness of breath.
  • Indulge into mild workout and breathing exercises to improve your overall health
  • Take the right medication to avoid flare-ups or treat them in case of their occurrence.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation. The goals mentioned above can be met with the help of pulmonary rehabilitation; it is a rehab that can help boost your immunity, overall health, train your mind to be positive, strengthen your muscles, and your heart so that you can get the best out of your heart. At the rehab, you will be treated by a team of professionals that will work towards increasing your life expectancy as well as make you stronger than you are, both physically, and mentally. The process, generally, involves breathing therapy, exercises, dietary advice and some education about the disease.
  • Oxygen treatment. In the later stages of your COPD you might need the help of oxygen treatments to increase the life expectancy. Oxygen treatment involves the use of machines, and face masks that help you in breathing, as you would face those problems due to the lack of strength in lungs.
  • Antibiotics. Antibiotics can be helpful in killing the bacteria that is causing a bacterial lung infection. They also prevent the diseases like pneumonia and general lung infections. These infections usually lead to COPD exacerbations, or flare-ups, hence it becomes necessary to avoid these infections.
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