Tips for pain relief from sensitive teeth

Tooth pain is an ailment that everyone has experienced at some point or the other. Unfortunately, many people suffer from tooth pain quite often due to sensitivity. Ways of getting respite from tooth pain differ from person to person. While there are several home remedies which may be used effectively to get tooth pain relief, sometimes you may need to use tooth pain treatment to overcome the severe pain. Teeth sensitivity is a common problem that can cause intense shooting pain when you eat something hot or cold.

So, how can you protect your sensitive teeth and get tooth pain relief?

  • One of the most common remedies for teeth sensitivity is to prevent the build-up of plaque. This is important as the plaque eventually hardens and crystallizes. Then, it emits an acidic substance which damages the nerve endings causing extra-sensitivity to any food or beverage, hot or cold. Preventing plaque will not only give you relief from tooth pain but will also prevent further damage to your teeth.
  • There are several kinds of medicinal toothpaste available in the market, which can be used for tooth pain treatments. These types of toothpaste desensitizes the nerve endings and therefore relaxes intense sensation when something hot or cold hits your teeth. Though this tooth pain relief is temporary, it does work.
  • A popular home remedy is baking soda, which is used effectively to alleviate tooth pain. It helps in desensitizing the teeth, thus nullifying the pain. Excess or low saliva production can lead to softer teeth that increases sensitivity and baking soda combats the issue effectively.
  • Check with your dentist if you are suffering from this problem and he can advise a sealant, which is typically made of plastic. It provides a protective shield against anything that you eat or drink. It is a simple procedure which can be done in your dentist’s clinic.

Teeth sensitivity does not need to be a problem anymore, especially when you have some simple tooth pain relief tricks that you can try to keep tooth pain at bay!

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